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Peter Trapp openmoko at
Fri Jul 11 19:33:00 CEST 2008

Von: "Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas" <offray.luna at>
> I was flashing my Frerunner this morning and all was fine. I tryed the 
> scaredy cat images without inconvenience but when I tried the qtopia 
> ones I got an "Error during download" message. After that I can not boot 
> in a correct image. I have reinstalled uBoot and I'm trying to go back 
> to the scaredy cat image, but any time I tried the flashing I'm getting 
> all the time "Starting download: [dfu_download error -62, Error during 
> download".
> I tried also Nand erase. It seems to work fine but in new re-flashing 

Have you done a plain "nand erase"? or did you use a "nand erase kernel" or something like this.

Just some notes on "nand erase xy" from what I recall:
The "nand erase xy" was needed for the Neo1973 to "fix" a bug from uboot (iirc). The bug (for Neo1973 (GTA01) ) was about flashing smaller images (compared to the last installed one) to the nand. Here some older data remained in the partition and caused problems. With newer uboot version the "nand erase xy" was not needed anymore.

A "plain" "nand erase" (so without the partition name) erased the whole nand storage (including the BBT (bad block table iirc)). After a plain "nand erase" the Neo1973 (GTA01) bricked (because the uboot has been also erased). The debug-board is needed for unbricking the Neo1973 (GTA01). BTW: The BBT can also be restored.

All of the information above apply to the Neo1973! 

The FreeRunner has a second (backup) bootloader in NOR. This bootloader can not be flashed without a debug-board. You should be save here :) 
If you did a "plain" nand erase I would suggest that you boot into NOR and reflash the NAND bootloader. 

I don't think that a "nand erase xy" is actually needed for the FreeRunner ---  Please correct if I am wrong. thx

> I'm getting:
> Opening USB Device 0x0000:0x0000...
> No such Alternate Setting: "kernel"

I can not say anything here. 

> I hope is not an unreparable damage. Somebody can point me a solution? 
> If there is a need to get the hardware board I will do it, but I hope 
> that I can find a software solution for this.

I don't think so. Thanks goes to OM for the second (and save) bootloader :)

I hope that helps...

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