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Kalle Happonen kalle.happonen at
Fri Jul 11 21:22:54 CEST 2008

Brian C wrote:
> Brian C wrote:
> [a long error message because he didn't run the script from the OM terminal]
> Ok, so the script runs now that I realize it must be run from the OM
> terminal.  However, it appears to have entered all "null" contacts and
> so far none of them appear to have any actual contact info in them
I ran into the same problem, but I did get them in now with the script. 
I had two issues actually. The easiest to try
 is to remove the empty lines between the entries in the vCard file, and 
have them all in a long jumble. That solved my last problem.

I did have another problem when I played around with the contacts in 
Evolution on the desktop. I started by exporting the contacts as vCard 
from Wammu. Evolution refused to read those  v2.1 vCards. I then 
exported it as ldif from wammu, and had to make a small change in the 
entries so that evolution read them correctly (adding a cn or smth). 
AFAIK the openmoko contacts is also based on evolution so there might be 
similar problems.

When I tried to import Wammu vCards,  they showed up as null entries on 
openmoko. When I exported the contacts as vCard (3.0) from evolution, 
and removed the empty lines in the vCard file, I could import them to 
openmoko with the script. I'm not sure if the new vCard format helped any. 

Hope it helps,

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