[qtopia on freerunner] - What is the right place to discuss Qtopia on Openmoko?

Randy S. randypower at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 22:48:16 CEST 2008

Great! Here's what I've got.

1. Often, a startup seems to fail. This always happens when I use NAND
u-Boot (a 7-10-2008 version), but usually is OK with u-Boot from NOR (I
think it's a May 2008 version).

2. Bluetooth handsfree - pairs and connects fine with my handsfree headset.
But if I try to make a call with it, there is no sound in the headset or the
handset. I don't know if the other person hears me.

3. Bluetooth keyboard - will pair but not connect with my Logitech Lenovo
Mini bluetooth keyboard.

4. Bluetooth and reboot - I don't know for sure, but it appears that having
any bluetooth configured will cause Qtopia to fail on reboot. I've had to
re-flash the rootfs to reset things.

5. Wireless LAN - once this is set up, it never successfully connects. I use
a WPA-KEY configuration. Worse, it seems that after I configure it, Qtopia
will never successfully boot up again. I've had to re-flash the rootfs to
reset things.

6. Installing QPK apps - Is this possible? I would like to run a terminal
(the Konsole port) and any other useful/cool apps. I don't know how to go
about this. I've copied some QPK files to the /home/root on the device, but
how can these be installed? Or can they?

7. Can I use the package manager to find apps? (Presumably that requires a
network connection, which I don't yet have.)

8. Is there a walkthrough to set up GPRS? I'm on T-Mobile in the US. Should
I follow the Manually Using GPRS in the openmoko wiki? Or can it be done via
Qtopia's UI? (I've not been successful with the latter.)

9. Is there any web browser available for this version? Lorn, I saw you
mentioned 4.4 will have a Webkit port. Can't wait for that.

Thanks for what looks to be a very promising software set, and help
addressing these issues.

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 3:04 PM, Lorn Potter <lpotter at trolltech.com> wrote:

> Randy S. wrote:
> > Because it seems to make the FR the closest to actually usable, I am
> > using the Qtopia v4.3.2 image and have run into some issues. Where is
> > the proper place to discuss these things?  Here in this forum, or in a
> > Qtopia forum? Thx!
> I think here is fine. otherwise there is a qtopia-interest mailing list:
> http://lists.trolltech.com/qtopia-interest/
> or there are qtopia forums at qtopia.net
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