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Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Fri Jul 11 23:12:03 CEST 2008

Randy S. wrote:
> Great! Here's what I've got.
> 1. Often, a startup seems to fail. This always happens when I use NAND 
> u-Boot (a 7-10-2008 version), but usually is OK with u-Boot from NOR (I 
> think it's a May 2008 version).
Try this:
Quickfix is to ssh into device, edit /etc/init.d/qpe and remove the lines:
-#crappy workaround for some weird suspend bug
-rm /dev/ttySAC0
-mknod /dev/ttySAC0 c 204 64 -m 660
-chgrp dialout /dev/ttySAC0

which I put in for the 1973 and attempting to get suspend/resume 
working. The little crash at first start was fixed in my initial testing 
of this.

> 2. Bluetooth handsfree - pairs and connects fine with my handsfree 
> headset. But if I try to make a call with it, there is no sound in the 
> headset or the handset. I don't know if the other person hears me.
> 3. Bluetooth keyboard - will pair but not connect with my Logitech 
> Lenovo Mini bluetooth keyboard.
> 4. Bluetooth and reboot - I don't know for sure, but it appears that 
> having any bluetooth configured will cause Qtopia to fail on reboot. 
> I've had to re-flash the rootfs to reset things.

will look into bt things.

> 5. Wireless LAN - once this is set up, it never successfully connects. I 
> use a WPA-KEY configuration. Worse, it seems that after I configure it, 
> Qtopia will never successfully boot up again. I've had to re-flash the 
> rootfs to reset things.

That is because wpa_supplicant has problems on this system. If you can 
get it up through the commandline, let me know. I couldn't.

Qtopia runs the script /opt/Qtopia/bin/lan-network for wifi configurations.

> 6. Installing QPK apps - Is this possible? I would like to run a 
> terminal (the Konsole port) and any other useful/cool apps. I don't know 
> how to go about this. I've copied some QPK files to the /home/root on 
> the device, but how can these be installed? Or can they?

They need to be on a web server/feed.
I will set up such a feed this week at qtopia.net

Qpk's are like opkg but with added security features, such as sandboxing 
and not running scripts.

> 7. Can I use the package manager to find apps? (Presumably that requires 
> a network connection, which I don't yet have.)

Yes, but it only handles qpk's.

> 8. Is there a walkthrough to set up GPRS? I'm on T-Mobile in the US. 
> Should I follow the Manually Using GPRS in the openmoko wiki? Or can it 
> be done via Qtopia's UI? (I've not been successful with the latter.)

GPRS in Qtopia depends on multiplexing, which we haven't yet gotten 
working. We will once we get a few more freerunners.

> 9. Is there any web browser available for this version? Lorn, I saw you 
> mentioned 4.4 will have a Webkit port. Can't wait for that.

4.4 is it. I am trying to get mgmnt to start qtopia 4.4 snapshots so I 
could release images for it.

> Thanks for what looks to be a very promising software set, and help 
> addressing these issues.
> On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 3:04 PM, Lorn Potter <lpotter at trolltech.com 
> <mailto:lpotter at trolltech.com>> wrote:
>     Randy S. wrote:
>      > Because it seems to make the FR the closest to actually usable, I am
>      > using the Qtopia v4.3.2 image and have run into some issues. Where is
>      > the proper place to discuss these things?  Here in this forum, or
>     in a
>      > Qtopia forum? Thx!
>     I think here is fine. otherwise there is a qtopia-interest mailing list:
>     http://lists.trolltech.com/qtopia-interest/
>     or there are qtopia forums at qtopia.net <http://qtopia.net>
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