San Francisco Bay Area Meetup

Vijay Vaidyanathan vvaidy at
Sat Jul 12 01:00:53 CEST 2008

Hi ...
I have a shiny new FreeRunner that I am planning to play with over the
weekend, but I find the information on the Wiki a little hard to get started

I've been developing on Unix since the 80's and comfortable enough to find
my way around Linux reasonably well, but I find I could definitely use a
little "Getting Started" help.

So, is there any interest in meeting up over the next couple of weeks in the
San Francisco Bay Area?

If so, please let us know by editing this page:

The idea would be to:

(i) Spread the knowledge around
(ii) Get some documentation going (I'm happy to document whatever I pick
(iii) Meet a few other people who are nearly as brilliant and forward
thinking as yourself!

Since I have a selfish motive to get this going, I'd be happy to do the
organizational legwork if needed :-)

- VV
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