850 sold out, 900 delayed, connection?

steve steve at openmoko.com
Sat Jul 12 04:20:21 CEST 2008

No, the guy who put up the 15th just made a mistake. I told him the 25th (
best case) and he put up 15.th.
, when we hit an inventory status of 36 units of 850, I checked the website,
found the mistake and said.
While you are fixing this date, get ready for the next shocker, we sold out
the 850.
Another build is coming so hang in there.


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I just wonder why the 900 was delayed with ten days when the 850 ten pack
was sold out?

I was so happy to see that I was going to order my 10 pack of 900 on Monday,
but suddenly the date was 25th instead 15th.
When I saw that the 850 ten packs was sold out, I also saw that the 900 was

Is the a connection here?

And why are the 900 delayed?

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