Number of GTA02s ordered as of 10 Jul 2008

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BZZZNT  wrong answer! on the intial build. no second guesses.
also  BZZZNT, wrong answer on units ordered. no second guesses.


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NOTE: No animals were harmed in this thought experiment.

Question: How many GTA02s ~ordered~ as of 10 Jul 2008?

rjeffries estimates (tilted toward higher rather than lower):

USA group sales:
~20 groups x 10  = 200

~15 groups x 10  = 150

Rest of world 
~ 10 groups x 10  = 100

Individual sales, worldwide
~300 x 1              = 300

Jeffries' wild ass guess: Total GTA02 ordered = 750 +/- 250

For grins, it would be coolio to set up a wiki page where people 
register their GTA02 serial number, date they received unit
and a check box for group or individual purchase.

My gut says OpenMoko first mass production run was approx
1,000 to 1,500.

Ron K. Jeffries

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