First boot

Philippe Guillebert phyce at
Sat Jul 12 12:21:48 CEST 2008


I just got my hands on mine !

A few remarks regarding the initial setup : first I had the same problem 
with the SD card holder somebody had a few days ago. Note that you have 
to _slide_ the SDcard in the metal "door" before closing it. I tried to 
make the wiki "Getting started" page clearer on this point.

The 4-function stylus-pen-light-pointer : awesome piece of geekiness.

My SIM card registered all right with the network, I can ring it OK. It 
is an Orange France 3V simcard with a hybrid prepaid-postpaid plan 
("Forfait avec compte bloqué"), from around 2003.

Contacts are read from the simcard all right, that was a nice surprise, 
didn't expect it to work so well. This is gonna sound dumb, but how do 
you slide the  list views (like the contact list) on Openmoko ?

I'll try to setup the GSM and keep the list posted.


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