freerunner unable to work with 3G SIMCards?

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Michael and Brenda.  I want a Page on the wiki showing which carriers have
issues,  a table by country by carrier.
This is vital for solving those cases where folks have problems and for
advising people prior to purchase.


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I´ve an o2-SIM from the time of "Viag-Interkom" in my Freerunner with the
Code "1001710251761MC" on the Chip-Side.
I can perfectly phone an do SMS with it.


Jeffrey Ratcliffe schrieb: 

2008/7/8 Jeffrey Ratcliffe  <mailto:jeffrey.ratcliffe at>
<jeffrey.ratcliffe at>:


My German Blau SIM (On the back it says, amongst other things, 3V -

does that mean volts?) does NOT work on my new GTA02, despite what is


One colleague's Dutch Orange SIM did work, but two other German

Vodafone SIMs did not.

One German and one Dutch T-Mobile SIM did not work, but a German

Debitel (T-Mobile

reseller) did.

Nor did a 1 year old German O2 SIM.


Tried 4 more German SIMs - none of the them worked:

D2 Mannesmann (7 years old)



T-D1 (T-Mobile)

I don't see any pattern.

Who has a German SIM working in their FR?




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