which list to write to (was Re: x offset in landscape mode)

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Jul 12 18:32:26 CEST 2008

On 12 Jul 2008, at 01:01, William Kenworthy wrote:
> ...
> Basicly I know it wont change anything, but it always helps when  
> someone
> points out that your view of the universe isnt the same as everybody
> elses ...
> BillK
> * not going to reply to anymore on this topic as "minds are fixed in
> cement"

[quoting order rearranged]

Well, these comments apply to both sides of the argument, an argument  
which goes back decades - I certainly remember many posts on Usenet  
about this subject.

The reason I'm going on about this is because I'd like to see a  

Sure, like any geek discussing a point, I think my view is the  
"right" and most logical one. I'd like to see people stop using the - 
community list for stuff that would be better posted on -device- 
owners. But if that's never going to happen we might as well let Sean  
get on with it & delete -device-owners.

There must be frikkin' thousands of people subscribed to -community,  
and we're hearing in these threads from only a handful of them.

Please - if you have an opinion, speak up one way or the other. I  
promise I'll shut up about this if everyone disagrees with me, but if  
I don't hear from you I will start (or continue, rather) nagging  
people to post on the "correct" list.

> ...
>>> For this reason, all my OM emails go to one folder, which defeats  
>>> the
>>> reason for having so many lists
>> That is YOUR choice. It doesn't defeat the object for anyone else who
>> chooses to filter their lists differently.
> From my point of view you are looking at it back to front - you are
> forcing me to subscribe and manage multiple mailing lists that overlap
> just so I can get a coherent view of OM - why not have two lists as
> suggested [-dev and -user] based on broad categories

We might as well have only ONE list, in that case, openmoko-everything.

> and get the users to filter them ...

But how do the users achieve this? It's simply NOT POSSIBLE to filter  
a single list into two different mailboxes based on message content,  
whereas it is trivial for the user to filter *openmoko* into a single  
email mailbox.

So if we're going to continue the "you're forcing the burden upon me"  
argument it is FAR LESS of a burden for those who want to use a  
single mailbox to filter on their local mail client (a one-off setup  
procedure) then it is for those who want different topics separated  
to suffer the clutter and mess of a single list (as this is a  
continuing, ongoing and otherwise insolvable inconvenience).


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