USB Networking - Freerunner & Mac OS X 10.5.4

Russell Sears sears at
Sat Jul 12 20:10:06 CEST 2008

The neo's IP address is; the Mac's IP should be, so you're trying to ssh to the laptop, not the phone.

I have no idea why you're getting the cannot allocate memory errors. 
The ubutu error messages make more sense, so I'd try troubleshooting it 
from there first.


C R McClenaghan wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting USB networking to work on my new Neo  
> Freerunner. Under Mac OS X 10.5.4 I'm getting:
> ssh: connect to host port 22: Cannot allocate memory
> and
> PING ( 56 data bytes
> ping: sendto: Cannot allocate memory
> If I use an Ubuntu 8.04 virtual machine on the Mac, the ping succeeds,  
> but the ssh is denied with:
> ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
> I have looked at the Mac OS X wiki pages and tried an alternative  
> driver, but that seemed to have no effect. From the shell I'm unable  
> to run lsmod or modprobe, so I'm not sure which of the two drivers is  
> running. I'm about to try the other driver mentioned on the wiki for  
> the Zaraus, but I'm not hopeful.
> I can access the USB console for both UBoots - Nor and Nand, so the  
> cable itself seems good.
> Has anyone insight or suggestions on what I might try?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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