Jim Morris ml at
Sat Jul 12 22:59:36 CEST 2008

Jonathan Spooner wrote:
> I've been playing with my GPS and finally got a fix using agps diag 
> tool. I stood the gta02 up on my garden table using a pop bottle :-)  I 
> think bottom line the gta02 has a poor antenna.... in fact the first 
> time I got a fix I did so at the point I rested my free stylus on top of 
> the gta02!
> Once I had a fix I used the signal strength screen in the agps diag tool 
> and its then plain to see the signal is precarious at best with an 
> average strength of around 28 which is greatly affected by orientation 
> and nearby objects from hands, stylus, people etc pretty much what you'd 
> expect in a device thats receiving a very weak signal.... except we know 
> the say system is working so that only leaves the gta02 internal antenna 
> as the problem.
> Thoughts?
> Jon

I found exactly the same thing, the unit has to be stationary for a while, you need to swizzle it 
around its vertical axis until you get the maximum signal strength, and then leave it for 10 mins to 
get a fix. It must not be touched or moved during that time.

It is pretty impractical for a mobile device though to do that.

Lets hope some of the techniques to preload data will help this.

Jim Morris,

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