Ken Young rtm at
Sun Jul 13 11:22:41 CEST 2008

Ole Kliemann wrote:

> Funny... my experience has been completely contrary to this. When I
> first tried GPS, it got a fix within minutes at the open window.
> I then installed gpsdrive and did some other stuff. I did not get a fix
> anymore. I undid the software changes by starting from a fresh reflash.
> But i never got a fix again.
> Today I tried outside 15min with antenna faced skywards. agpsui signal
> strength display did not show any activity.
> Don't know it made it work the very first time.

I had a similar experience with my Freerunner.   I initially installed
only gpsd and tangogps.   I reliably got a fix within about 7 minutes
at least half a dozen times.   It never failed completely.   Then I 
installed and ran openmoko-agpsui.   My unit has not managed to sync
up with even a single satellite since then, dispite my sitting around with
it for several hours in an open area.   In desperation, I re-flashed the
kernel and rootfs, and again installed only gpsd and tangogps for
GPS software.   No joy.   The GPS init now seems completely nonfunctional.

Ken Young

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