AW: Re: unable to start up freerunner after batterie was full down

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Sun Jul 13 16:51:15 CEST 2008

I`ve put right now the freerunner into my PC. Now, I`ll wait for 1 h. and check it again....
My usb-port should supply 500 mAh, cuz in the past, I`ve charged my freerunner over it....
I`ve the qtopia image installed, not the ASU...But I tried to start the boot-loader too, which is the
original...It should be immaterial which image is installed or isn't it?

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while surfing the device-owners list i've stumbled over this:

> Sometimes it happened (I think to all of us! ;) ) that NEO1973's battery  
> goesfully discharged, and for this I follow the instruction on the wiki  
> pages(detach battery 20 seconds, attach to USB, wait 1 hour, start the  
> Phone).

anyway -- the guy posting this seemed to have killed his battery (not  
finished the thread yet).
regarding you usb-only: maybe your usb port does not supply 500mAh?

btw: your leds flash? mine do nothing -- is this related to the asu image?

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