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Sun Jul 13 19:14:02 CEST 2008

arne anka schrieb:
> there seems to be no use of the workarounds/fixes discussed earlier --  
> does anybody use the ubx-tool or whatever was discussed to feed  
> informations to the u-blox on startup, thus significantly decreasing ttff?
> there were some pretty promising reports for those attempts (can't find  
> them right now) -- and standing hours on a meadow in the faint hope of a  
> fix does not really sound appealing to me ...

Feeding assist data to compensate bad hardware based reception is no 
real solution, since there are some FRs, which seem not to have any 
problems to get a fast fix at all. The basic reception has to be better 
and I cannot rely on fresh assist data at any time I need a fix!

It's a point of qualitiy management on the hardware producers side which 
has to get solved. I'm not willing to disassemble the new hardware at my 
own risk (warranty pp.). I know that I have bought an 'incomplete' 
smarty regarding the OS and software. That was fine with me, but FIC 
(as experienced hardware manufacturer) should do basic soldering jobs 
successful on their products (If this gets verified to be the real 
problem of this issue, of course).

My only question is: Which time I have left to engage a warranty 
procedure? I'll ask Trisoft this week.



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