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Mon Jul 14 03:56:54 CEST 2008

Arthur Marsh wrote:
> Could someone please contact the and see if the surviving 
> lists could be re-subscribed *without* email address scrambling?

I'm using Gmane too (well, using nntp for MLs rocks!), btw I've sent a 
subscription request to Gmane asking for scrambling the addresses since 
the past list used this feature (I figure for spam security).

However I think that it's cool since you can get the real address simply 
loading an url like this:

Then, Gmane is enough smart to allow you to reply to these scrambled 
addresses without changing them: if they don't know the sender's address 
you get a confirmation mail, otherwise your mail will be automatically 
redirected to the real address!

> I would like to have the option to make off-list replies.

They works! ;)
Check your mail! ^_^

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