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On 7/14/08, Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki at> wrote:
> 2008/7/13 BlueStar88 <BlueStar88 at>:
> > Feeding assist data to compensate bad hardware based reception is no real
> > solution, since there are some FRs, which seem not to have any problems
> to
> > get a fast fix at all.
> My personal current belief is that those FRs are generally no better
> than eg. yours or mine. It's simply a matter of software used and
> especially the place used (some countries have also better GPS
> coverage than others), plus whether one really has a table or so where
> the device can easily be mounted firmly. If you hold it in your hand,
> still otherwise, it might not be steady enough to get the fix (or does
> someone know otherwise, eg. what kind of movement might corrupt the
> received bits?). Or are there some people who get a fix while moving
> Neo around?
> Since the software has zero GPS data saving features etc., it's no
> wonder people easily think "it's broken". Especially, like in my case,
> if people don't have previous GPS usage experience or don't know how
> hard it's actually to "start from scratch" (scanning the whole sky)
> without any eg. estimate on current whereabouts or any other help. And
> also it doesn't help that if eg. people use AGPS UI which clears any
> received data every time it's started. One reason I believe it's not
> bad hardware reception is that when the fix is gotten, the fix stays
> better than on many "real" GPS hardware.
> Still, I've yet to experiment more on what would be best ways to get
> the initial fix. Even if feeded initial data, it seems relatively
> impossible to get the fix around my place. I'm not sure what could be
> improved still for the first fix, since after the fix is gotten it
> stays so well one would imagine the fix should also be possible to get
> in an (relatively) open area with a clear sky.
> -Timo
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This all are no arguments.
With my TomTom device I can do a full reset so that no GPS data is available
at all (also no time and so on) and still get a fix in < 3 minutes at 100
Well, I know the freerunner is no specialized gps navigation device, but the
fact that the signals are so weak that it's barely possible to get a fix
under optimal condition (clear view to the sky, antenna on top, without
moving 1 mm) shows, that this is no simple software problem and has to be
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