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Am Sonntag, den 13.07.2008, 20:05 +0200 schrieb smurfy - phil:
> Hey, i'm really new to the bitbaker stuff :) i also noticed, that after 
> some new build of the app it wants to download gtk+ and fails.
> i really don't know why this happens.
> if you do a removal of the gtk+-fastscaling and then a install of gtk+ 
> it works, also, gtk+ installs a new version of gtk+fastscaling.
> so i realy don't know why it is doing that :)
> maybe because on 12.jul, there was an update of the gtk+* packages.

Indeed, Forcibly installing the gtk+-package works, and, as I’m back in
my homezone now, I can confirm that it works nicely so far.

Obviously, you use O2 as well. Some other Freephone and O2 user had
observed regular wake-ups from the sleep mode, which obviously kills the
battery time, and we thought that the O2 cell broadcasts might cause
these wakeups. I haven’t had my phone long enough myself to really test

Do you observe the same problem? And (now to anyone): Is there a way to
disable wake-up on Cell Broadcasts, if that turns out to be the problem?


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