Kalle Kärkkäinen kalle.karkkainen at
Mon Jul 14 10:45:48 CEST 2008

thomasg kirjoitti:
> This all are no arguments.
> With my TomTom device I can do a full reset so that no GPS data is 
> available at all (also no time and so on) and still get a fix in < 3 
> minutes at 100 km/h.

In my past life I developed a fleet management device that had GPS and 
GSM in it, able to send the fix data to server in intervals. we even 
implemented some location alerts (around the vicinity of, or near 

Based on that experience, we used on of falcoms devices for it, it most 
probably did not have much of a cache for gps data (black box, tough to 
tell), but it needed a strong antenna for gps. For a GSM antenna you 
could use a hairpin, anything that had 10-15 cm of length was totally 
enough for good quality gsm connection. GPS required much more, in our 
case we supplied all the devices with external antennas.

My knowledge is based solely on this work experience, I'm no radio-geek 
so I cant really tell much about antennas and signal catching. What kind 
of GPS-antenna is there in FR? Embedded for sure, but could that be the 

I guess your TomTom comes with an external windshield antenna?


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