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Mon Jul 14 18:26:28 CEST 2008

This will be my 3rd GPS device in ~5 years. The first two - a NAVMAN  
from New Zealand and a Garmin - always had exceedingly long cold  
starts (i.e. turn the device off, fly >1500 km, turn device on), on  
the order of 10 minutes.

I still have the Garmin in working condition, it is the Garmin 10, a  
bluetooth model. If some one could help me with the FR bluetooth, and  
the GSP applications, I could connect to FR "gps" stack to the Garmin  
to isolate them from the on board chip. This would, of course. assume  
that the bluetooth stack didn't cloud any issue.

Thoughts, how-tos?


On Jul 14, 2008, at 7:23 AM, Jay Vaughan wrote:

>> The module talks NMEA but also a ublox binary format. Among other
>> things this
>> allows time and location estimates, ephemeris and almanac data to be
>> fed to
>> the module to give it an initial state, and should reduce time to
>> first fix.
>> Likewise it can be used to request this data from the module so it
>> can be
>> saved before shutdown. 'Driver' probably isn't the right word.
> So we just need to wrap 'save' and 'restore' scripts around the gpsd
> script?
> ;
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