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What is meant by "cold start"? Is this simply a power off and power  
back on? Or is it the power cycle and no previous fix data for current  
location? With other GPS devices, until that first location fix was  
achieved, nothing happened, but once achieved and no significant  
change in geography, then a fix could be achieved in less than a few  
minutes. Given that most of these devices are being received in a  
location different than where ever the device may have previously  
gotten a fix, my thought is part of the problem is getting that first  
current location fix.


On Jul 14, 2008, at 9:23 AM, thomasg wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 2:12 PM, Ken Young <rtm at>  
> wrote:
> thomasg wrote:
> > This all are no arguments.
> > With my TomTom device I can do a full reset so that no GPS data is
> > available
> > at all (also no time and so on) and still get a fix in < 3 minutes  
> at
> > 100 km/h.
> > Well, I know the freerunner is no specialized gps navigation  
> device, but
> > the
> > fact that the signals are so weak that it's barely possible to get  
> a fix
> > under optimal condition (clear view to the sky, antenna on top,  
> without
> > moving 1 mm) shows, that this is no simple software problem and  
> has to
> > be fixed.
> The GPS performance of my Freerunner is also much worse than
> the GPS performance of my neo1973.   I've done side-by-side tests of  
> the
> two units many times.   My neo1973 gets a good fix in 2 to 3 minutes
> after a completely cold start; it's very reliable.   My Freerunner
> initially was getting a fix after 7 or 8 minutes.   For the last few
> days it has not been able to get a fix at all.
> Ken Young
> I can confirm that, too.
> The 1973 gets a cold start fix in less than 2 minutes.
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