When does it suspend?

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Am Montag, den 14.07.2008, 18:47 +0200 schrieb arne anka:
> > speaking of suspend mode: When is the Freerunner supposed to suspend
> > automatically? After a certain time with the Lock Screen active, or
> > after a certain time with no user input?
> the latter, i think.
> > Note that the latter causes
> > problems when there is constant random „input“ (Freerunner in the
> > pocket).
> yepp -- it's rather annoying. i think a menu entry for the power or aux  
> menu is needed, disabling the screen completely.
> accepring a call could be done by hitting aux and the screen may  
> (configurable) switch on while calling.

I think it would be enough if it would not take input at the lock screen
into account for the suspend counter, so that the phone can still
suspend when carried around.

> > And it’s not suspended when I can activate it by touching the screen,
> depends probably on your definition of "suspend".
> > right? And is there a way to manually put the Freerunner to screen?
> "put to screen"?
sorry, put to sleep or put to suspend – too many s-words in my mind at
the same time  :-)

Also, when it’s in sleep mode, does the LED still work, e.g. tell me
about unread SMS or missed calls? If not, is that technically possible?


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