Michael Kluge vollseil at
Mon Jul 14 19:41:41 CEST 2008

arne anka schrieb:
>> Today I powered up my gps the first time and got a fix after 80 seconds.
>> I was on a hill in a small village outside in a garden under a apple
>> tree and the Freerunner was standing upright. Then I rebooted it and got
>> an other fix in 80 seconds again. I've been using agps-gui. Much better
>> than I expected. The Freerunner did see 5 satellites the first time, 3
>> the second time.
> i am afraid, most people on this list will hate you now :-)

Well, this test scenario on a hill within Europe without buildings 
around is probably the best case for GPS. I will try again tomorrow by 
powering it up and driving 15 minutes with the bicycle to work.


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