New Freerunner, factory image - "Registering..."

Andy Selby andyfrommk at
Mon Jul 14 20:51:02 CEST 2008

2008/7/14 Stroller <stroller at>:
> Anyway, once booted to the factory image I get continuously a
> "Registering..." message in the top-left corner of the Home screen.
> After 30 minutes or so this message persists.

Yeah, I get that with my neo1973 from time to time, maybe the SIM
contacts are'nt touching the phone contacts
What I do is slide my finger down the SIM holder in the direction it
locks in, press down on the holder and press down on the battery when
I insert that.
It sounds unscientific, but by gar, it works pretty much every time.
Somebody suggested to insert some paper or something to hold the SIM
card holder down, did'nt work for me.[1]
Sorry about dragging my feet over the London group purchase by the
way, I'll probably pick up a freerunner some time later.


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