Keyboard missing forward-slash key (was: New Freerunner, factory image - "Registering...")

Stroller stroller at
Mon Jul 14 22:30:19 CEST 2008

On 14 Jul 2008, at 20:20, ian douglas wrote:

> Ken Restivo wrote:
>>> It is very nice that a terminal app is included on the default  
>>> image,
>>> but I cannot work out how to enter a forward-slash ("/"), so cannot
>>> list /var/log and see if there's anything interesting in there.  
>>> Would
>>> I be best advised to set up USB networking and log in via SSH to see
>> I ran into that immediately. The terminal is unusable without a  
>> slash key. That tells me that nobody is actually using that  
>> terminal app to do anything, but rather that it's only been used  
>> tethered by USB.
> There have been several messages on the list about how to manually
> correct this, but I agree, it should be changed for the default build.
> edit /etc/multitap-pad/im-multipress.conf
> I added / and | to my '1' key.

No network on this Freerunner at the moment, so I can't paste the  
file verbatim, but looking at /etc/multitap-pad/im-multipress.conf it  
appears that both back- and forward-slashes are mapped to KP_0 on the  
default factory image.

This clearly relates to the 0 key, as + is also mapped to this key  
and indeed pressing the 0 key in character mode does indeed produce a  
+ sign. However multiple taps to the 0 key do not produce the other  
characters I'd expect.

Is this a known bug?
Are you using a later firmware image?

I'll update when I have network on my Freerunner, but at present it  
seems that I have some hours to play around with it before I can  


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