Homezone Icon for O2 in Germany

Kiro Zimmer openmoko at kironet.de
Mon Jul 14 22:33:42 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 10:51:30AM +0200, smurfy - phil wrote:
> currently i only receive cellbroadcasts after reregiserting to the network.
> so there must be another variable to use to detect the homezone. maybe 
> the locationarea code.

As I have no freerunner yet, I could not try your app - but on first sight
your code looks reasonable. I have tried it just now with another phone,
and I get a cellbroadcast message (channel 221) on EVERY mobile phone mast
change. This does not depend on being in homezone or not. Only on
T-Mobile roaming I did not receive any cb messages.

Maybe someone with a freerunner should verify if he could get more then one
message in a row after registering to the network on any cb service.

Is it possible to notice such a phone mast change in any other way? Then
the (bad) way would be pollig. Every time I request a new cb message
(turning cb on/off) I get a new message - even without phone mast change
or reregistering.

Hope that helps.

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