Keyboard missing forward-slash key

Stroller stroller at
Mon Jul 14 23:10:54 CEST 2008

On 14 Jul 2008, at 22:00, ian douglas wrote:

> Stroller wrote:
>>> BTW: Do you need to kill or restart anything after editing
>>> /etc/multitap-pad/im-multipress.conf ?
> I don't recall if I did... and nothing in /etc/init.d/ rings a bell.
>> I can enter vi to start editing the file, but having switched to  
>> editing
>> mode I can't exit it (back to command mode) because there's no Escape
>> key on the keyboard! Thus I can't save the edited file!
> Fun times.
> Once you get networking back up, I've put a copy of my file here:

It seems to me that the lack of the slashes on the 0 key must be due  
to a bug or a problem reading the KP_0 line of the file.

In order to overcome this it might be worth:
- slashing-out the + in the .conf file
- changing the order of the characters (putting the + at the end?)
- removing the backslash

I'll maybe try this once I have networking up.


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