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smurfy - phil openmoko at smurfy.de
Mon Jul 14 23:32:23 CEST 2008


 >BTW, what is your build environment? I’m using
 >http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Toolchain (as the wiki says that’s
 >preferred for application developers), and I successfully manged to hack
 >on openmoko-messages2 with that, but it does not build your packages.

My first homezoned was written with the toolchain, but after i tried to 
compile the
panel app i run into trouble. After many hours i have solved the problem 
(some .la files are wrong in the latested toolchain, see my post in the 
devel list)

After finishing both tools,  (0.1 version) i started to think about 
creating the ipk files with some install routines.

I allready had build a MokoMakefile enviroment while trying to solve my 
compileproblem, so i used it and bitbaker to create the install routines.
After some hours of testing i got it working.

So my current way to build and test the apps is bitbaker with mokomakefile.
I also added my .bb files (bitbaker) to the svn repository.


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