Can OM's wiki be used offline?

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Mon Jul 14 23:32:36 CEST 2008

Hi All,

In the sight of upcoming delivery of our 10-pack, we wanted to get ready
to do some testing on the spot, ie when we get together and open our
boxes, to power then up and try to make sure that all of them work in
the 'similar' fashion (GPS, GSM, etc) so if there is a defective unit,
we could localize it easily since we will have a few of them and a few
of SIM cards to try ;-)

But if smth doesn't work, of cause, the best way is to lookup on the
wiki and we will not have (I think) internet connection on the spot. I
thought if it is possible to gently (smth not like wget -m obtain a copy of's mediawiki

Brief googling lead me to few possible solutions (unfortunately
not non-intrusive into openmoko's wiki setup) such as

Mediawiki offline (thanks to Google Gears):

But I wonder may be there is simpler/better ones like a dump of DB
without account information credentials, etc? Something like what
wikipedia offers
(which they actually closed and I see the reason with their sizes), but
they also seems to have a workaround

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