Can OM's wiki be used offline?

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Tue Jul 15 02:21:22 CEST 2008

Matt Joyce wrote:
> mokopedia brings the whole wikipedia to your openmoko phone even while
> being offline because all articles will reside on an attached microSD card.

Is this project still being maintained though? The latest tarball and
news are from September 2007, and the three forum messages in written in
2008 have gone unanswered.

For starters, the tarball should have its files packaged in a subfolder;
that's a pretty standard practice. Second, there are no instructions on
how to use it either in the 'Docs' section of the project site, or
within the tarball itself on how to launch the script or how to
configure it, etc.

It's bundled as a .cgi Perl script, which leads me to believe it should
be run from a web server, not from the Freerunner's command line as an

Also, anyone testing this package will need:

$ opkg install perl-module-encode perl-module-encode-encoding

Running the script looks like it's just a web-based front-end for
searching a pre-built database, again which there are no instructions
for creating.

I, like others, agree that a mobile version of the OM wiki would be
invaluable. I can't imagine the strain on the wiki server from everyone
suddenly doing recursive wget launches ;o)


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