Setting / checking fast charge in /sys/devices/platform/whatever

Stroller stroller at
Tue Jul 15 05:30:40 CEST 2008

On 14 Jul 2008, at 23:17, Al Johnson wrote:
>> ...
>> The wiki [2] says:
>>    The battery can be charged using the provided charger (at 1000mA)
>>    or from a powered USB port capable of providing 500mA worth of
>>    current. Most computers will be able to charge the FreeRunner  
>> without
>>    any problems.
>>    Charging at 100mA takes 6-12 hours and at 500mA takes 1-2 hour
>> I understood the provided charger was a dumb one and that - because
>> the Freerunner is unable to communicate with it - an unpowered USB
>> connection would be assumed, the Freerunner would act conservatively,
>> only drawing 100mA.
>> Which is correct, please?
> The charger is dumb, but has a 47k resistor from the ID pin of the USB
> connector to ground. This allows the Freerunner to identify it as  
> capable to
> provide 1000mA. See the USB Host section of:

Ah, marvellous!

Thank you.

So a full charge using the wall charger takes only 1 hour or so?

Does /sys/devices/platform/whatever have a node for checking charge  


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