Wishlist Re: Can OM's wiki be used offline?

Yaroslav Halchenko site-openmoko.org at onerussian.com
Tue Jul 15 05:48:24 CEST 2008

Dear Syadmins, look below

> I, like others, agree that a mobile version of the OM wiki would be
> invaluable. I can't imagine the strain on the wiki server from everyone
> suddenly doing recursive wget launches ;o)

exactly my point. unfortunately mokopedia 
 * was wikipedia DB dumps oriented (thus cannot be applied to OM wiki)
 * is pretty much dead and ad-hoc from what I see

wget, wwwoffle etc spider downloaders are not an option even if someone
would craft very careful set of options to don't download wiki
diffs,logs,etc. I just installed wwwoffle to see what is the beast... in
few minutes it started caching wiki.openmoko.org, I said "cool", but
then I saw that it sceduled massive amount of diffs of wiki pages (which
sure thing are available) -- so I had to kill it.

I guess we should direct this question to the admin of OM wiki...
who take care about the website according to
where I was trying to comment on 
which is pretty much what we need for offline support
but got
| Oops…
| Trac detected an internal error:
| OperationalError: database is locked
| There was an internal error in Trac. It is recommended that you inform your local Trac administrator and give him all the information he needs to reproduce the issue.
| The action that triggered the error was:
| POST: /ticket/1435
thus I am informing them in this email that I was trying to comment on that 1435 with

| I would love to have dump service available.
| Recently I inquired community mailing list on either there is a
| reasonable way to get offline copy of wiki
| http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2008-July/021713.html
| and sure thing first advices were 'to use wget' ;-) so, having official
| dumps (in a digestable format by some other tools, or even in pure DB,
| thus requiring LAMP setup) and may be incremental bin diffs to them (for
| a week or two) would help to avoid waste of bandwidth if someone needs
| an offline copy of wiki, which is pretty much the only source of
| information on howto/wtf/rtfm/anything about GTA phones.
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