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Curtis Vaughan cavaughan at
Tue Jul 15 07:17:10 CEST 2008

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 12:47:51 +0800, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:

> Jay Vaughan wrote:
>>> This stood out for me "The tangled pile of mostly outdated and
>>> incomplete documentation at the OpenMoko wiki..." Is this an accurate
>>> evaluation of the wiki ? If so, what can we do to fix it up, how do we
>>> identify old content and schedule it for updating?
>> I think, personally, its time for a 3rd-party site not related to
>> OpenMoko to pick up the slack here. So much stuff happens too quickly
>> for people who /should/ be updating the wiki to feel like its
>> productive to do so ..
>> What I would like to see is something like an "" website
>> come up that has the following:
>> - Daily blog news akin to the good ol' slashdot, of news from the
>> openmoko scene, gleaned from careful inspection of the mailing lists,
>> of IRC, of the codebase, of code delta's, etc.
>> - Public free Repository of all the latest and greatest 'cool apps'
>> found for OpenMoko
>> - Public forum for discussion of the news.
>> This is, of course, sorta what we've got with things like
>> (which I check daily), combined with the Scaredycat
>> repo's and other such things, but ..  for newcomers .. I don't think
>> any of this is as easily approachable as it would be if it were all put
>> under a single umbrella that is a bit more of an 'openmoko pop culture'
>> site than what we've got right now ..
> Jay
> These are all great ideas and would be very helpful for us. We are a
> small company. And really try to focus all we can on our products.
> Community help to make these more approachable is something that would
> make us all very grateful.
> Let me know if there is anything specific you think we (Openmoko) could
> do to help get this all started.
>    -Sean

At this point it seems to me there are 2 approaches:
1) The preferred would be to develop the wiki such that members can "set 
it up" themselves. 
2) Have a 3rd-party site per Jay's suggestion that accomplishes that.

I have the resources to set up such a site, but I definitely do not want 
to do anything counter-productive. I would really like to see OM do what 
they can as I prefer a "one-stop solution" as opposed to having to visit 
numerous sites to find solutions. 

As an example, I have a Nokia N770, and I found the site rather 
well organized for finding solutions, as well as third-party apps. I'm 
only mentioning it as a possible guide.


Curtis Vaughan (no relation to Jay - I don't think....)

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