[Qtopia] roaming - manual selection not working

Cédric Berger cedric.berger74 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 09:09:03 CEST 2008


My freerunner connects to my operator with no problems (SFR, france),
and when I am in switzerland (geneva) and loose the signal, it
automatically switches to another (swisscom... roaming costs so much
more expensive for me...). That's fine with automatic mode.

But I cannot force it into manual mode (once it has switched, even
though the SFR signal is back -and even if it is stronger than
swisscom's-, it won't try to go back to SFR).
Even rebooting, it stays on the same network.

When I try in the settings-Call Networks  to "Select operator", it
fails ("Failed to register to the selected network operator").
Same error when I just try to switch mode from Automatic to Manual, on
either of these 2 networks.

Any idea ? Does this work for some people ?

I guess I should try in console with AT commands...

(I could only force switch back by putting my SIM in my old phone,
switching network, and SIM back into freerunner ! )

Oh I can see there is a new qtopia version today (I have the one
published just before). I do not know if I had this "startup crash"...
But twice, when I had qtopia blocked, it happened that I could not
boot again (kernel booted, but then boot stopped and waited). I boot
from microSD.
First time I reflashed a new version.
Second time I was able to unlock... not really sure how, but may be
that was because I could boot on the original OS and ran a e2fsk on
the microSD partition with the rootfs of qtopia (formatted in ext3).
filesystem maybe was corrupted...

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