Reason for GPS problems found!

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Tue Jul 15 13:07:55 CEST 2008

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thomasg a écrit :
> Hi ppl,
> I write this to community, not to devel or owners because everyone
> should know:
> _sbeh_, one of the people in #neo1973-germany IRC-channel found the
> reason for the GPS problems.
> The problem only occurs if a SD card is set in. Doesn't matter if it's
> mounted or in use, it just has to sit in the socket.
> The TTFF went from no fix at all to TTFF 120 seconds indoor(!!!), and
> about 40 seconds outdoor.
> Two other people could verify this with about the same results.
> We'll do more tests later, but for now we surely know what's causing the
> problem (and it seems to be a EMC problem).
> First results show at the same devices, even outdoor, that there is no
> fix in over 400 seconds with SD card, the signal seems to be at least 10
> to 20 dB worse (so bad, that most satellites don't even appear).
> Testresults from other people appreciated.

Well, first test here indoor, at the same position :

- -> TTFF approx. 8 hours with sdcard
- -> TTFF 228seconds without it

Not tested outdoor.

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