Can OM's wiki be used offline?

john jptmoore at
Tue Jul 15 14:31:58 CEST 2008

A project I was on had a similar requirement of being able to search
and read documents offline on the iPhone *snarl*. Anyway, what I did
was port an excellent open source search engine called hyper estraier
[1] over to the iPhone and used that on various kinds of documents. As
a test I indexed over 2000 PDFs from MIT OpenCourseWare. It works
really well [2]. I used lighttpd for the web server. All these
technologies will work fine on the 1973/Freerunner. If there is an
interest in this I could package it up for Openmoko. There is also
potential for developing a native GUI local search tool using hyper
estraier because it comes with a C API and other language bindings.
This would remove the web server dependency.



2008/7/14 Yaroslav Halchenko < at>:
> Hi All,
> In the sight of upcoming delivery of our 10-pack, we wanted to get ready
> to do some testing on the spot, ie when we get together and open our
> boxes, to power then up and try to make sure that all of them work in
> the 'similar' fashion (GPS, GSM, etc) so if there is a defective unit,
> we could localize it easily since we will have a few of them and a few
> of SIM cards to try ;-)
> But if smth doesn't work, of cause, the best way is to lookup on the
> wiki and we will not have (I think) internet connection on the spot. I
> thought if it is possible to gently (smth not like wget -m
> obtain a copy of's mediawiki
> content.
> Brief googling lead me to few possible solutions (unfortunately
> not non-intrusive into openmoko's wiki setup) such as
> Mediawiki offline (thanks to Google Gears):
> But I wonder may be there is simpler/better ones like a dump of DB
> without account information credentials, etc? Something like what
> wikipedia offers
> (which they actually closed and I see the reason with their sizes), but
> they also seems to have a workaround
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