Edward A. Falk falk at efalk.org
Tue Jul 15 17:40:33 CEST 2008

> On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Andy Selby <andyfrommk at googlemail.com> wrote:
>     SSH into the device and type
>     #alsamixer
>     then adjust the sound using the sliders

That did the trick.  Headphone and PCM were both at 95%.  Setting them 
to 90% and 80% respectively was a reasonable level.  Any lower than 
that, and I couldn't hear it at all.

Obviously, a volume GUI in the topbar is pretty crucial.  Personally, I
would have made physical buttons for it if I were designing it.

> There are so many of them and they are poorly named... Yesterday I was trying to use hands-free earphones and mic and was struggling to make the mic volume good enough for the other party to hear. Nevermind the loud background buzz (probably from GSM).
> Is there a documented list anywhere of what each slider / trigger does in alsamixer?

For now, the only ones you care about are the "Headphone" and "PCM" 
volumes.  Respectively, these are the master volume and the volume of 
the software-generated sounds.

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