Reason for GPS problems found!

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at
Tue Jul 15 19:12:32 CEST 2008

Hi Jay:

> Bummer that it was not discovered sooner, though.  I really have to  
> ask this question: did the hardware rev's of GTA02 get tested with SD  
> card + GPS together?  

Yes, factory test case did use boot from SD function and test sim with 
battery in the assembly stage. The test itself is correct, but the 
environmental of GPS testing seems have problem cause this issue 

Factory GPS testing is in same station, external first then internal. 
Internal testing signal is amplified higher, initial intention is for 
fast test result and improve test stability. But seems slow test result 
and test instability comes from SD card itself, and did drop the ball. 
Hardware side did have test like GSM call with GPS fix item, and I don't 
know if we have the GPS with SD card case during RD stage.

If not, then can the test procedures please be
> reviewed to accommodate testing peripheral configurations that are not  
> 'obviously' tied to each other?  Simultaneous testing of GPS+SD seems  
> like a no-brainer, however with the discovery that Glamo, for example,  
> and SD, cannot be used together productively, and now GPS+SD not being  
> usable together, this indicates some test issues on the hardware  
> revision pipeline that need to be addressed ..

The Glamo is really our pain in the ass, lots GTA02 evil's source and 
delay root cause. Actually, SD card function was verified very lated due 
to lack of original vendor support, and finally got SD card works until 
early this year with Andy's help. Andy/Matt now are doing some software 
side solution see if we could get SD card (clk/pwr) don't annoy GPS's RF 
receiving frequency during idle mode. And hardware side still working on 
possible  fixes to improve current status.

And I personally really appreciated/amazed you (also many others) are so 
deeply see through this project. And we did have test issues on the 
hardware revision pipeline. We are really care about next revision and 
shipment of GTA02, we are really reading/fixing every mailing list 
issues that potentially cause problem to user.


Tony Tu

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