Reason for GPS problems found!

Gary Oliver go at
Tue Jul 15 19:41:48 CEST 2008

Tried the GPS last night with SD card in place - have yet to try it
without...  Initial fix, with 9 satellites in constellation, 6 about
-140dBm, took 11 minutes.  After that, tracking was good and it even
worked 'mostly' in my house.  (I have most of my living area covered
with solar panels, so there's this big 'screen' that blocks most GPS
signal, but it DID work with 4 satellites remaining in the constellation.)

One this I did do, though, was to tweek what I believe is described as
the "external antenna" connector.  It appeared to not be completely
connected or seated, so I twisted it about 10 degrees and reseated it.

I will try it this evening without the SD card.  However, I agree with a
previous poster, that if this doesn't work reliably WITH the SD, then
I've bought something I can't really use.  I absolutely do NOT want to
start adding external antennas to this thing in order to get basic


Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
> Hi.
> I can only partly confirm this....
> With SD card removed,... I took 291 s (in my first tests) from inside a
> building but on the window.
> If I'm not at the windows but "deeper" (2m from the window away) inside
> the building,.. it seems that I still don't get a fix.
> Anyway,... I had it before (with SD card inserted) that I got a fix in <
> 4 mins,.. ok this happened only once.
> However,.. I think even 291 s is to much,.. other devices like TomTom
> are worlds better...
> And I've read in this thread, that people got a fix < 30 s .
> Was this from a cold start?

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