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ian douglas ian.douglas at
Tue Jul 15 19:52:13 CEST 2008

ideas for domain names: -- a mobi version of the site, browsable on mobile devices
like the Freerunner would be awesome, typically just a skin on whichever
cms/wiki engine you choose

Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> Since Ken really liked OpenWRT's Wiki, I looked at it and see they use 
> MoinMoin. So, I am willing to set up MoinMoin on a server to be used as 
> an FR community wiki. 
> If people think it's a good idea then I will set up a website for it and 
> register it. Perhaps something like or whatever. I don't 
> really care. I can register it and I will make it available to whomever 
> can administer it. Jay seems to be willing. 
> Anyhow, if that's what will help us out then just give me the green light 
> and I'll do that much. If it works out - Great!
> Curtis
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