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John Reese jreese at
Tue Jul 15 20:45:25 CEST 2008

Stroller wrote:
> I thought today about starting a "Freerunner usability" page on the  
> wiki, as it seems a very common FAQ on IRC. New users are not  
> satisfied with "the software's not stable yet" but instead want to  
> know "how 'alpha' is it? can I make calls and send texts? how about  
> calendaring?"  Many Linux enthusiasts LOVE the idea of a completely  
> open phone and they're willing to sacrifice features for that right  
> now, because they know (and love!) the fact that Open-Source Software  
> will fix that for them in the future. As long as they can make calls,  
> send texts then they're happy with a alpha software, but one user  
> worries about email or battery life, another needs a browser. It  
> would be great to have a single page one could point them to (perhaps  
> telling them which image to use if they need a specific feature, best  
> call stability or audio quality) - right now I can't find a page that  
> answers their questions, but I don't want to start a new one because  
> *surely* there must already be one??

Perhaps this is what you seek?

John Reese

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