Reason for GPS problems found!

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Tue Jul 15 21:21:34 CEST 2008

> Factory GPS testing is in same station, external first then internal.

With SD and without SD for both cases?

> Internal testing signal is amplified higher, initial intention is for
> fast test result and improve test stability. But seems slow test  
> result
> and test instability comes from SD card itself, and did drop the ball.
> Hardware side did have test like GSM call with GPS fix item, and I  
> don't
> know if we have the GPS with SD card case during RD stage.

Ah, yes, so .. a dropped ball here.

> early this year with Andy's help. Andy/Matt now are doing some  
> software
> side solution see if we could get SD card (clk/pwr) don't annoy  
> GPS's RF
> receiving frequency during idle mode. And hardware side still  
> working on
> possible  fixes to improve current status.

Well this is certainly good news, because Andy and Matt certainly have  
what it takes to work out a solution, if there is a potential for one ..

> And I personally really appreciated/amazed you (also many others)  
> are so
> deeply see through this project. And we did have test issues on the
> hardware revision pipeline. We are really care about next revision and
> shipment of GTA02, we are really reading/fixing every mailing list
> issues that potentially cause problem to user.

Lets hope we can resolve this issue then.  Thanks for your insight  
into the situation.

Jay Vaughan

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