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Jay Vaughan jayv at
Tue Jul 15 22:51:14 CEST 2008

> The other thing to consider, as well, is what Brenda's role is with
> regards to the wiki. As I understood it, managing the wiki was her
> position within the company. Obviously a daunting task for a single
> person, so perhaps we need to make sure she's in the loop, or managing
> the team, etc.

Yeah - I would just like to add that I'm in no way calling for an end  
to the wiki, nor do I think the wiki is such a terrible disaster -  
more that I think there is definitely a need for a concise summary of  
OpenMoko news, on a daily or weekly basis, and that this could best be  
presented to the masses in the form of a news blog akin to slashdot or  
dsfanboy or such ..

I do *not* want to abandon the Wiki in favour of something else,  
somewhere else - just that there is really a lot of news going on with  
the OpenMoko scene, and it seems that daily updates would be warranted  
right now, what with all the interest in the OM situation.  Plus, it  
would help to keep people interested in whats going on, and it would  
also be *very* nice to have a platform for OM developers to use in  
pimping their wares.

Just to make it clear anyway .. I definitely do appreciate the values  
of the wiki, and I look forward to its continual improvement.  I hope  
we can get a news blog site up somewhere that makes sense too, though.

Jay Vaughan

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