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John Reese jreese at
Tue Jul 15 23:23:14 CEST 2008

Hello everyone!

Due to the discussion in the thread 'In the press', we came to the 
conclusion that it would be good for the wiki and for the Openmoko 
community in general if we could gather a small team of dedicated 
individuals who were willing to put time and effort into maintaining the 
community wiki.  I, and others, have already expressed interest in being 
a part of this team, and would like to start getting things the team 
organized and begin the process of cleaning up and improving the wiki.

I've created a wiki page, Wiki Maintainers [1], which states what I 
believe the team's primary goals should be:

* Maintain integrity and correctness of information
* Organize and maintain page content and layout
* Clean up and consolidate pages and categories
* Reduce clutter and confusion for users

So far, we have Torfinn Ingolfsen, Ian Douglas, Jay Vaughan, and myself 
on the team.  If there any others in the community who would like 
nothing more than to spend their precious time editing wiki articles, 
feel free to post your name here and on the wiki page, and join into the 

I would personally like to see some feedback on the team's discussion 
page [2], perhaps with ideas of where to focus our efforts, or how to 
proceed in cleaning things up.



John Reese

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