Anyone using FR as a phone?

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I will tell you story. My father was a printer and Saturday he had to work
the graveyard shift.
So, he would come home at 1AM Sunday and bring Sundays' paper with him. So I
was the first kid
To get to read Sundays' paper. Hours before dawn we would sit there reading
the paper together,
eating Nestle crunch bars

That was as cool as any new phone.



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> > From: steve <steve at>

> > I use mine. My kids used theirs till I gave it away to somebody else.
> > 
> > That said, some people have expereince audio issues. Engineering is 
> > on the issue.
> > 
> > Steve

wow...  wish my Dad had your job... that way I'd get to play with cool
phones!  haha j/k.  I love my dad. ^_^

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