Reason for GPS problems found!

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Tue Jul 15 23:28:05 CEST 2008

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But acconding you, OM team is happy because there is a hardware bug in

I am one of the persons that just bougth a 350 EURO phone: when I bought
 the phone I was already knowing that was not an End User device.
They tried to make the hardware bug free... they failed: we must to kill

I think that the most intelligent thing to do is to start to move and to
search for a solution (as did some fantastic persons in this list). A
software one or an hardware one.
For who like me, that just bought the phone, I'd like to have some
instructions released to hardware solve the problem (bringing to an
repair center) but first I think we must deeply understand why it happen
and how to solve!

Jonathan Spooner wrote:
> With the greatest respect I think people have good reason to 
> *complain*.  Looking at these lists I'd bet there are more system 
> engineers and developers than *ordinary* users.... why? because we saw a 
> device that was open and accepted the fact that the software was in its 
> infancy and perhaps relished the chance to be involved to bringing it up 
> to spec..... but one thing that was not expected was that people would 
> be spending money on a device that could have potential hardware 
> issues.  Perhaps those complaining are those who can least afford to 
> blow $399.
> Regards,
> Jon
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