Reason for GPS problems found!

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Tue Jul 15 23:44:34 CEST 2008

> You ever bought a piece of HW you were guaranteed there is  
> *definitively* no
> hardware bug in it? None, or you get a billion$?
> c'mon!

Ever heard of Consumers rights?  Lemon Laws?  You can't sell hardware  
that you know has bugs in it, legally, in many places around the world.

>> Perhaps those complaining are those who can least afford to
>> blow $399.
> That's why I say I don't like those people.

They are your customers.  This is an open source project, people have  
a chance to communicate.

> They never noticed the bug, and
> when we are about to discuss it and to offer a solution they start
> whining. "OOOh, the BAD bug. If only I never had bought..."
> Instead of plain asking what we're going to do to MAKE EVERYBODY  
> HAPPY again.
> (what we are already about to do!)

Sure will be nice when its done, but for now, we do need to keep  
talking about the issue, and the point needs to be made that this *is*  
a serious issue for many people, if it doesn't get resolved in a  
fashion that makes sense.  I'm already miffed about the Glamo/SD issue  
- for me, Glamo was one of the great things about Freerunner on  
'paper', and now its not so useful after all.  I would be really  
turned off if the same thing happened to GPS.

So, yes, please tune us into the fix when you've got one.  But in the  
meantime, no need to get upset because your customers are  
communicating with each other..

Jay Vaughan

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