Reason for GPS problems found!

François TOURDE fr-om at
Wed Jul 16 00:19:18 CEST 2008

Le 14075ième jour après Epoch,
Jay Vaughan écrivait:

>> You ever bought a piece of HW you were guaranteed there is  
>> *definitively* no
>> hardware bug in it? None, or you get a billion$?
>> c'mon!
> Ever heard of Consumers rights?  Lemon Laws?  You can't sell hardware  
> that you know has bugs in it, legally, in many places around the
> world.

First, you must be sure there is a hardware bug. For instance, nobody

Second, everybody here is aware that hardware, like software, is never
bug-free. Especially on this device. I admit that hardware bug is
harder to correct for the end-user, but it's the deal, no?

Third, ... ahem.. no third yet.

Don't forget that Openmoko Inc. is a Company trying to focus on 2
- create a free software phone
- Have an invest return (Je ne sais pas traduire "retour sur

I've paid (but not yet received) my FR, and even if I know there can
be a hardware problem, I'll never complain about HW problems. I
imagine there will be a GTA03, smarter and cheaper, but I'm not in the
same situation of the iPhone first buyers...

They have to do the best effort to correct problems, but as far as I
know, it's the first firm saying "We sell you a piece of hardware,
with all specs we can diffuse, do what you want with it"...

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