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ian douglas ian.douglas at
Wed Jul 16 00:54:58 CEST 2008

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> I will help support you in any way I can. Yes, we can absolutely set up 
> a mailing list for you to coordinate amongst yourselves. I will also 
> make myself more immediately available to the wiki editors, so that 
> questions can be answered as rapidly as possible.

Hiya Michael,

Quick question: what exactly is Brenda's role?
This leads me to believe it's Brenda's full-time job (as in,
employment), to be the wiki editor, organize the articles, etc., so we
certainly would value her insights and opinions. We certainly aren't
trying to muscle in on her territory, but just willing to lend a hand to
what is a daunting, gigantic challenge of finding and editing a LOT of

Secondly, Michael can you coordinate with whoever is in charge of the
wiki software to include the plugin I mentioned last night:

One of my own agenda points as a wiki editor is to get an
offline-capable version of the wiki available for download to install on
the SD card -- perhaps we could even build it up as an opkg
documentation bundle or something. That'd be slick, with "opkg update &&
opkg upgrade" being able to upgrade the documentation on the phone.

> Wiki editors, do you have a request for the list name? How about 
> openmoko-wiki-editors?

Since "openmoko" is already in the domain name, perhaps just
"wiki-editors at" would be sufficient?


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