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I know the devel list gets some official looking test results for each
of the main apps posted about once a week.  I believe there was even a
summary report in pdf form.  I think that testing was against the ASU.
 So, at least you could get a pretty good status on that image.


On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 8:56 PM, Stroller
<stroller at> wrote:
> On 15 Jul 2008, at 19:45, John Reese wrote:
>> Stroller wrote:
>>> I thought today about starting a "Freerunner usability" page on the
>>> wiki, as it seems a very common FAQ on IRC. New users are not
>>> satisfied with "the software's not stable yet" but instead want to
>>> know "how 'alpha' is it? can I make calls and send texts? how about
>>> calendaring?"  Many Linux enthusiasts LOVE the idea of a completely
>>> open phone and they're willing to sacrifice features for that right
>>> now, because they know (and love!) the fact that Open-Source Software
>>> will fix that for them in the future. As long as they can make calls,
>>> send texts then they're happy with a alpha software, but one user
>>> worries about email or battery life, another needs a browser. It
>>> would be great to have a single page one could point them to (perhaps
>>> telling them which image to use if they need a specific feature, best
>>> call stability or audio quality) - right now I can't find a page that
>>> answers their questions, but I don't want to start a new one because
>>> *surely* there must already be one??
>> Perhaps this is what you seek?
> That's a pretty good start - thanks for bringing it to my attention.
> ISTM that this answers half the question.
> What I'm seeing a lot of on IRC is:
>     "is anyone using the Freerunner as their main phone?"
>     "how reliable is it?"
>     "how featureful is it when the FR is used as a main phone?"
> The "telephony" line of the Distributions wiki page suggests that
> OM2007.2, FSO, ASU & Qtopia all work equally well.
> I don't think that's actually the case, is it?
> A thinking-about-buying-a-Freerunner FAQ would be great. The existing
> FAQ is simply too long and cumbersome.
> The thing about telling a Linux enthusiast that "it's alpha quality"
> is we're all gung ho to try anyway. We're all glad to fix stuff and
> write bash scripts to the best of our ability, but without a decent
> summary of the status it's kinda hard to know whether our abilities
> meet the challenge.
> This is probably better suited to the new wiki list. We'll discuss it
> further there when Steve sets it up.
> Stroller.
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